Global sourcing and supply chain guidance

The challenge

An automotive components company was looking for a senior executive with global sourcing, business operations and M&A experience in the Greater China region. The executive was required to provide guidance in identifying and vetting potential business investment options to meet the growing local component requirements of the China Automotive OEM sector.

The solution

Globalise provided a global sourcing and supply chain manager with more than 20 years of international business experience in the Greater China region. Using his extensive expertise, he participated in and helped to lead an internal team from various functional areas in developing a recommendation for supporting the company’s growing business in China. He also created a critical topics outline to be studied and documented as part of the China business case and assisted in organizing and writing a comprehensive thesis-type business document leading to the final recommendation. Our expert also helped to obtain strategic information regarding possible business investment options and outlined critical factors for establishing manufacturing operations in Greater China. In addition, he helped to document a recommendation to be presented to the Board of Directors.

The results

The Globalise manager successfully participated as a team member and completed the duties he was asked to undertake over a 13-week period. The team received several compliments from the Board of Directors and its recommendation was approved.

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