Restructuring of retail chain GameStop


At GameStop GmbH, a materials management system had to be implemented fast. It needed to meet the demands arising from the rapid growth of the network of retail outlets and the product range, while also ensuring the optimization of organizational structures in the business divisions and stores. In addition, a new ERP system had to be implemented internationally.


treusGlobalise succeed in implementing the ERP system throughout the international organization in a very short time. The GameStop retail store network was restructured and optimized. The staff were integrated into the project through ongoing seminars and were highly motivated to assist the process.

Interview with
David Shuart
Vice President of Human Resources at GameStop

“The manager’s qualifications and the time factor were the focus of our decision. Fortunately, we were able to satisfy both needs with an Globalise interim manager.”

Why did you call Globalise?

To avoid losing any more time with the project in a critical situation, we decided to hire a suitable interim manager with a wide range of qualifications and in-depth knowledge of several fields of business.

What did you need from the Globalise manager?

We needed someone with a strong personality, a lot of retail experience and a good knowledge of IT and business processes. Not just a business analyst who knew about implementing materials management systems and had an affinity for IT, but a truly experienced manager with an international background.

“Globalise helped us realign and optimize our organization in a market environment that was growing innovatively and fast.”

Restructuring of retail chain GameStop

“Ensuring that IT kept pace with the company’s growth was a huge success for the interim manager.”

What tasks awaited him?

First of all, our ERP had to be quickly installed throughout Germany and then managed across all divisions. It was a key project for us, as all goods and financial flows are controlled by the system. What is more, the entire Group was watching what we did in Germany, because the ERP launch then had to be rolled out internationally when we were done.

What were the project’s special challenges?

One major challenge was the rapid growth of the network of branch offices and the product range of GameStop. The demands on the system were continually in a state of flux as the implementation proceeded, which was therefore always a little behind schedule. The second key challenge was structuring the system in a way that would be internationally compatible, so that it could be used in all countries.

“Thanks to the Globalise manager’s training system, GameStop employees were able to teach their colleagues, via regular workshops, what was required for the new materials management system at all levels and in all relevant countries.”

How did you measure the interim manager’s success?

The releases were the milestones. When launching a new system, new system status levels are installed at regular intervals that are laid out in the roadmap. The status of the releases shows the status of the project, and hence the success of the interim manager. In our project, the manager always met or even exceeded the demands on the releases. Another success was his internal training system.

How did colleagues react to the Globalise manager?

Very well. A key component of the project was collaboration with international colleagues. The Globalise manager achieved that brilliantly. He now works at GameStop on a permanent employment contract with an even wider range of responsibilities.

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