Turnaround of passenger transport provider Arriva Deutschland


Arriva Deutschland GmbH was looking for a CFO for its subsidiary Regentalbahn AG at very short notice. It needed to build up strong financial reporting with reliable figures, with the goal of ensuring a successful turnaround and designing cost-reduction measures.


Globalise succeeded in integrating what was previously a state-owned enterprise into the structures of the internationally active parent Group. Through acquisitions, the company is now on the way to becoming one of Germany’s largest privately owned suppliers.

Interview with
Piers Marlow
Former Managing Director of Arriva Deutschland and Director Northern Europe

Piers Marlow, former Managing Director of Arriva Deutschland and Director Northern Europe

Piers Marlow, former Managing Director of Arriva Deutschland and Director Northern Europe

“As a result of the excellent collaboration, we hired the treusGlobalise manager as CFO of Arriva Deutschland at our head office in Berlin.”

“Thanks to Globalise quickly filling the position and the knowledge transfer through the interim manager, the Division soon stabilized.”

What was the situation at your company when you hired an interim manager?

Our collaboration with the Globalise manager began in our company Regentalbahn AG. We were looking for an expert with the necessary experience as CFO in a group structure.

How long did it take Globalise to present you with experts for the position?

Globalise presented us three highly qualified managers within a few days. We were looking for a top-quality financial expert with a broad base of experience in the fields of controlling, reporting and budgeting. We decided to go with a manager who had already worked as financial director and CFO in large, international listed corporations.

“Arriva is one of the leading European transport companies, and it continues to grow.”

Turnaround of passenger transport provider Arriva Deutschland

“I really came to appreciate the fact that we not only received a highly capable manager, we also gained the entire advisory expertise of the Globalise partners tooas well.”

What special tasks awaited the Globalise manager?

She had to hit the ground running. There was no time to get familiar with the situation as the company was in the midst of a transition from a public to a privately owned enterprise. But that was not all. About four weeks into the project, we also parted with the CEO. That left so that the Globalise manager running and entirely restructurining the company in close alignment with Arriva Deutschland GmbH.

The project at Regentalbahn was scheduled to take six months. That became two years. What happened?

Independent of our great appreciation for the expertise and implementation strengths of the Globalise manager, the reorganization of “Alex” was a true large-scale project. Alex has 65 passenger carriages and 12 locomotives and there were extreme discrepancies between the original business plan and the actual operational figures. Here too, the Globalise manager succeeded in analyzing the problem and finding the right numbers. We then hired the Globalise manager as CFO or of Arriva Deutschland at our head office in Berlin.

Looking back, how would you rate the collaboration with Globalise?

The Globalise manager immediately worked well with the teams at Group Headquarters in England and Arriva Deutschland GmbH. That made it possible for her to deliver the required performance and achieve her objectives. She understood the Group’s structure and was able to drive developments forward and lay the right foundation for building a company that would be ready for the challenges of the future.

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