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We are globalise


Globalise was formed in 2015 by bringing together three leading interim management providers: Atreus in Germany, Patina Solutions in the United States and Valtus in France. New partner firms will be added as we grow.


Our aim is to provide clients across the globe with one source of proven talent to meet specific management and organizational needs – even at very short notice. As well as providing interim managers, we help our clients recruit permanent C-level and senior managers.


Major challenges are a fact of business life. It may be the unexpected loss of a senior executive, a new competitive threat, a collapse in sales, a major restructuring program or the need to rapidly adapt to technology or process changes.

Often, for one reason or another, the key person needed to deal with this situation – temporary or permanent – is lacking. That is what Globalise is here for.

With our global network of over 60,000 management experts, we can provide you with the right person to solve whatever challenges you are facing – right now, this minute, anywhere in the world.

No matter how complex or daunting your challenge may seem, you are only a contact away from a solution


Globalise is built entirely on the quality of service we provide and the success that our management experts achieve.

Consistent service quality and success – often over-achieving the goals we are set – enable us to build long-term client relationships based on mutual trust and cooperation. This in turn is the key to own success and the sustainability of our business model.

We live for the challenge of helping our clients to not only overcome but ultimately profit from the demanding situations that are a fact of business life.