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Globalise is a worldwide group that was formed from leading interim management companies all of them being outstanding leaders in their respective countries. The network embraces over 60,000 professionals, who have solved challenging tasks for our clients in the USA, South America, Canada, Europe, Asia and Africa.

Accord Group – Belgium

Accord Group is a reference in Certified Interim Leadership, and the only executive community working with Valpeo certified professionals.

At Accord Group, candidates are not only selected on acquired knowledge and experience, but they are also assessed to understand to what extent their judgment skills and the complexity of the assignment are aligned.

Process optimisation, strategic development or identity development show another complexity and consequently make totally different demands on a transition manager beyond the experience level. Our Interim Executives' fees are transparent and benchmarked with traditional remuneration models for employees.

Our 1.200 transition managers are experienced value creators who possess min. 20 years of experience in fields including Corporate and Social Responsibility, Corporate Finance, General Management, Human Capital, Information Technology, Innovation, Marketing & Sales, Supply Chain & Logistics.

AGIM – Czech Republic

AGIM – Czech Republic

AGIM supports organizations facing change management, transformation and transition projects. We address your needs and provide you with solutions within days.

Our Team helps you specify your key project objectives, time frame, resources and cost of your change project focusing on clear set deliverables. We manage transition projects and enable business transformation by inserting experts and controlling project delivery. Accord Group is the parent company to AGIM sharing expertise creating together an impactful value proposition.

AGIM has co-founded CAIM, First Czech publicly represented Group of Interim Managers Professionals. We joined Globalize to meet our clients’ unique needs internationally with unparalleled access to premier Interim Management Professionals. 

Our process includes four key stages: Listen, Understand, Deliver, Resolve. Once all parties are briefed and a target is set, our team work to pinpoint the right resource for your needs. A combination of Alium’s network, advanced technology and resourcing expertise help us to achieve your goals. We also believe ongoing collaboration with our clients is integral to success, so we will always work alongside you, in partnership.

Alium Partners is based in London and led by Managing Partner, Nigel Peters. We work with clients and candidates across the UK, in a range of functions and sectors.

Atreus – Germany

Atreus is the leading interim management provider in Germany and one of the largest in its field in Europe. We solve difficult operational management and transformation problems.

Whether your issue is in line, project or program management, we deliver the results you need – quickly and reliably. The Atreus Managers and manager teams that we place in companies as interim managers are the perfect fit for the challenges in the company in question. We select these managers from our network of experienced experts, who have all mastered similar projects many times throughout the course of their career and who tend to be overqualified for the task at hand.

Registered in Munich, Atreus has more than 50 permanent employees and 21 Partners. The Atreus Network encompasses more than 10,000 managers.

Duke&Kay – Italy

Duke&Kay is an independent company formed by managers with specific operational management expertise, specialized in solving, through its interim managers network, critical business problems, leading complex situations and highly skilled in Performance Improvement as well as Restructuring & Turnaround.

With more than 15 years' experience in conducting change management processes in Client Companies, we provide methodologies to evaluate the individual and the working team, then to intervene on the whole organization. Our base team are 52 executives with specific operational management expertise and experienced in 20 different industrial sectors, filling positions like CEO, CRO, CFO, COO, etc., often sitting in the Board of Directors. In addition, we have a network of over 2.000 experienced senior-level professionals with proven track records in handling complex business situations that require rapid transformation.

Epunto Interim Management – Spain

The services provided by EPUNTO are Interim Management and executive services provided by managers for a specified period of time. In addition, EPUNTO provides Accelerated Selection, search and hiring of managers for companies quickly, in a few days.

Nexus Interim – Denmark

Nexus Interim was founded in 2000 and is the leading Interim Management service provider in Denmark. Together with Nordic Interim Sweden and Nordic Interim Finland, the company is part of the largest and leading Interim Management Company in the Nordics. Since 2021, the company is part of the Valtus Group. Nexus Interim provides the temporary, highly qualified skills that give businesses and organizations the boost they urgently find themselves in need of. It may be to execute a strategic change, implement a tactical project or maintain continuity at the sudden absence of a key employee. Nexus Interim is based in Copenhagen and Aarhus.

Nordic Interim – Finland

Nordic Interim Oy was founded 2013 and is together with Nordic Interim Sweden and Nexus Interim part of the largest and leading Interim Management Company in the Nordics. Since 2020, the company is part of the Valtus Group. Nordic Interim Oy helps companies and organizations overcome extraordinary business challenges, drive transformation and temporary fill critical roles. Nordic Interim is based in Stockholm.
Nordic Interim Oy is based in Helsinki. 

Nordic Interim – Sweden

Nordic Interim Executive Solutions was founded 2004 and is the largest Interim Management service provider in Sweden. Together with Nordic Interim Finland and Nexus Interim, it is the largest and leading Interim Management Company in the Nordics. Since 2020, the company is part of the Valtus Group. Nordic Interim helps companies and organizations overcome extraordinary business challenges, drive transformation and temporary fill critical roles. Nordic Interim is based in Stockholm. 

Nuvadis Interim – Poland

Nuvadis Interim is a key player within the Executive Interim Management Consulting in Poland. We have behind us 25 years of local market knowledge in the field of executives and business leaders recruitment with very fast access to the best available talent pool for our clients’ needs.  

Our primary purpose is to support & accompany our clients during their times of change, transition, crisis, and gap filling, with fast & reliable Interim Management solutions. Our interim managers are ready to deliver projects in a variety of sectors and industries. We are agile and flexible in addressing clients’ needs and their strategic priorities in today’s dynamic business reality. We maintain rigorous standards, from the candidate selection and certification, through project execution and closure.  

Patina Solutions – United States

When you are looking for a partner to help you solve problems, realize opportunities, improve results, fill a key expertise or resource gap, develop talent or assist with any other critical initiative within your organization, you need professionals who have done it before with proven success. That’s where we come in.

Since 2008, Patina has been helping organizations to achieve more and accelerate success. Patina’s professionals are industry veterans with 25+ years of operational experience who use their specialized expertise to develop solutions for our clients’ unique needs and circumstances. The Patina model is highly flexible, collaborative and consultative, enabling companies to get results using only the resources they need, when they need them.

Telos Interim Management – Brazil

Telos Interim Management is a pioneer in Interim Management in Latin America. Our operations cover the Andean States, Brazil and South Cone with offices in São Paulo, Bogotá and Buenos Aires.

Telos Interim Management is a division of Telos Transition, which purpose is to lead organizations and executives to their full potential through transformation processes.

Valtus – France

Founded in 2001 by Philippe Soullier, Valtus is now a recognized leader in interim management. Our experienced, specialist Partners accompany you through even the most complex systems and processes.

Valtus – UK

Valtus UK (formerly Alium Partners) was founded in 2001 to deliver senior-level talent to a diverse client base, from SMEs to multinationals, Private Equity to third-generation family-owned companies. Alium Partners became the first affiliate of the Valtus Group in 2018. We are helping businesses transform through the sourcing of talented transition managers and leadership teams. We are the benchmark for transition management and business transformation executives. Valtus UK is based in London. 

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