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Globalise – The Global Interim Management Group

Globalise provides companies with interim managers to help overcome specific organizational challenges – often at very short notice – as well as helping to recruit senior and C-level managers. We can draw on a global pool of over 60,000 experts. Their proven experience covers every sector, industry and role, from C-level to functional, operational and program management. Whether a single project at one site or a transformation program across your entire operation, Globalise managers will achieve your goals – quickly, reliably and on budget. Every time.

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International Study 2022

Supply Chain Bottleneck

Ongoing supply chain bottlenecks are having an increasingly negative impact on global industry. And the problems are likely to continue for a long time. Companies are now urgently required to relocate production facilities to their own country, increase the number of their suppliers and raise the level of innovation.

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Accelerating digital transformation: a major growth driver

A major mail-order outdoor plant brand wanted to become the market leader online. To successfully transform its business model, the company leveraged the expertise and methods of globalise interim professionals.

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