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Our services

The key to our model is our own international management resource: a pool of thousands of experts who like nothing better than applying their proven skills to solving a business challenge for our clients. Wherever they are in the world and whatever it takes. From successfully designing and implementing a change management process to improving earnings ratios, formulating a new treasury strategy or arresting a fall in sales.

At Globalise, our business is built on the ability of our experts to rapidly and accurately understand sometimes highly complex situations. Building on that knowledge, they are then in a position to devise practical and effective management solutions at a speed that often surprises – and sometimes amazes – our clients.

From C-level to operational level, Globalise supports you in achieving your strategic business goals worldwide: helping you to emerge stronger and more resilient from whatever challenges the nature of business throws your way.

We provide global consultancy and implementation services for the following sectors:

  • IT
  • Automotive
  • Insurance
  • Consumer goods and retail
  • Healthcare
  • Chemicals
  • Steel, metal and plastics
  • Transportation and logistics
  • Manufacturing
  • Banking and finance
  • Private equity
  • Energy and utilities
  • Life sciences
  • Non-profits and government agencies
  • Technology

Globalise services include:

  • Business transformation
  • Performance improvement
  • Restructuring
  • Top management recruitment
  • C-level functions
  • Production and operations (logistics, quality management, procurement)
  • Project management
  • Interim management
  • Project and program management
  • Strategic reorganization
  • Temporary line management
  • Human resources
  • Research and development
  • Sales and marketing