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We have completed thousands of projects in Europe and around the world – of course, there’s plenty to say about that. We prefer to let the experts from the globalise network have their say here. And, of course, our clients. We’ve gathered together the most interesting facts in our case studies for you.

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Financial management structuring of an international startup

Globalise supported a software publisher in the structuring of its support functions allowing it to successfully carry out a major fund-raising in the United States.


Professionalization of IT-function at a large insurance company

“My employees had the IT skills, and I had the management experience. With a large portion of humility, sensitivity, and close collaboration, we reached a very good result – we raised the architectural function to a higher level. There is no doubt that IT …


Financial management structuring and preparing for sale

A listed group planned to sell one of its non-strategic businesses, whose management team had become destabilised. The intervention of a globalise manager to support the subsidiary’s new Managing Director soon put the business back on track and 12 months later it merged with …


Interim Project Manager supported 5 municipalities in solving critical waste management situation

A waste management company had terminated the agreement with Danish 5 cities and the situation was critical. The decision had to be made whether the municipals should make a new offer to the waste management company or establish a new joint company themselves.


Growth plan via acquisitions and digitization

The client Presto is a leader in the field of fire safety in the Nordic region. They serve all types of customers in the private and public sector, industry, marine and offshore. The Presto Group traded for approx. 1.1 billion in 2021 and counts …


Relocation of production from Denmark to Poland

The complex project of moving the production from Denmark to Poland was initiated but did not run as planned and was delayed. It was important that the transfer was done in an effective way and at the same time keep a high level of …


Interim CEO boosted company

In 1996, Geir Andersen founded Vaktmester Andersen AS, a company which provide caretaker services related to cleaning, maintenance and outdoor work. Today, the company has good profitability with sales of approximately 40 million NOK, with 35 employees and counting. When Geir Andersen needed relief …


Management of logistics for the largest supplier of medical consumables

OneMed AS is the largest supplier of medical health equipment to the Norwegian healthcare system with 15% market share in the hospital sector and 40% market share in the municipal sector. In the spring of 2021, OneMed AS needed to strengthen its supply chain …


Improved financial predictability

Nutrimar is a producer of sustainable feed ingredients, producing fresh salmon oil, salmon flour and hydrolyzed protein concentrate, among other things. In addition, the company operates in the field of by-products from chicken and activity in the field of harvesting and processing of Stortare …


Process optimization at automotive supplier FTE automation

At the main factory of FTE Automotive, processes needed to be professionalized in production and organization, and state-of-the-art manufacturing methods introduced. As part of this innovation project, the rapid implementation of new technologies and new methods of visual process management had to be synergistically …


Successful post merge integration project in the IT Services

Company in the IT Services sector resulting from the merge of 15 companies with a turnover of about 100 mil. €. Globalise Italy faced the challenge to consolidate an international multi locations company with the clear need to build a new culture within the …


Commercial turnaround and culture transformation for the Italian subsidiary of a multinational company in the consumer goods

Globalise Italy’s client is a multinational company in the consumer goods selling worldwide products for children in facilities located in more than twenty countries with annual sales around 2 billion euros.


Change management at the photographic and online printing company CEWE

Innovations have been the main driving force of the company’s transformation in recent years from the analog to the digital photo business. The assignment for Globalise was to optimize the product supply chain for the CEWE PHOTOBOOK.


Management of a plant in Germany

Globalise managed a plant in Germany, including implementing planned technological and organisational changes, on behalf of its Client, a CAC 40 industrial group. The globalise Manager’s outside perspective and technical skills ensured the success of the project to transform the plant. The site’s operational …


Accelerating digital transformation

A major mail-order outdoor plant brand wanted to become the market leader online. To successfully transform its business model, the company leveraged the expertise and methods of globalise interim professionals.


Interim PMO ensured a smooth transfer of the operations in Finland to Sweden and Latvia

The Finnish subsidiary had not been fully integrated into the international parent company and had not taken full advantage of the opportunities offered. The company needed help to utilize the parent company’s international corporate structures more efficiently.


Restructuring at Siemens Business Communication Systems in Shanghai and Beijing

Siemens Business Communication Systems was looking for a Managing Director who could take over the management of the Chinese sales company on an interim basis, at very short notice.


ERP reorganization and COO at men’s outfitter engbers

The unsuccessful launch of an ERP system had to be taken to a successful conclusion and shortcomings done away with.


Plant operations management for an agri-food sector company

As part of the Group’s industrial restructuring, it was decided to significantly increase the plant’s production capacity and introduce new production and packaging technologies.


Employer branding at the carbon specialist SGL group

To establish a new global direction for SGL Group’s HR department, taking into account the complex requirements of the international requirements, in order to acquire the best talent for the carbon specialist. The task was to realize a new employer brand image for global …


Restructuring of a subsidiary of technical inspection company TÜV SÜD

Since its foundation as an independent company, TÜV SÜD Automotive had never achieved break-even, with earnings falling steadily over the years. The company had to be strategically restructured and led into profitability.


Restructuring of heating technology company HKR

Faced with growing competition, the Vaillant Group decided to restructure its subsidiary HKR. The project encompassed a situation analysis, the identification of cost-cutting potential, planning the restructuring measures and relocating the company’s component assembly activities to less expensive Vaillant sites.


Reorganization of plastics maker Promens

Promens needed a managing director for its Polish subsidiary at short notice. A change strategy had to be compiled to improve the organizational structure and the company’s profitability.


Restructuring of liquid gas supplier Calor Gas Ireland

The management of Calor Gas Ireland recognized that the company would only be able to maintain its market leadership with a restructuring toward “customer service excellence”.


Mortgage loan consulting

A bank wanted to explore the possibility of making the leap from Best Efforts to Mandatory Deliveries but didn’t have anyone with the expertise to guide the company in this area.


IT change management at industrial service provider InfraServ Gendorf

The IT Services division of InfraServ Gendorf needed better work processes and structures. The previous head of IT had not been able to convince employees of the need for change and left an insecure staff behind him when he left.


International Recruiting in India at thermal technology company AKG

Within the scope of its internationalization strategy, the AKG Group decided to open a new factory in the south of India.


Successful integration project at an Italian group in the marine sector

An American private equity firm had recently acquired an Italian global marine interiors’ contractor specializing into both the refit and new-build segments. The Group also had a strong business in scheduled maintenance and spare parts. Headquartered in Italy with offices in Europe, the US …


Scale-up and growth of cleantech company

The client is a cleantech company that converts wet waste into usable products. The company is active in Sweden but has a great market potential internationally.


Interim Project Manager increased the production quality and employee competence

The Finnish food company had revolutionized healthy cooking as they launched bean products a raw material for all types of cooking.


Purchase and restructuring agreement worth 130 million euros in loan and participative financial instruments

An Italian Bank entered an agreement to purchase mortgage loans and participative financial instruments with a total gross book value (“GBV”) of approximately 130 million Euros and owed via an asset management company to a syndicate of 13 Italian and international banks. The company …


Turnaround of a company in the forging sector

With an annual turnover of approximately 100 million Euros, the company operates mainly in the forging sector of high-strength steel components for a wide variety of industries. It operates two industrial sites and serves around 100 customers in over 40 countries worldwide, some of …

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