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Employer branding at the carbon specialist SGL group

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Dietmar Haas
former HR Director Germany, SGL Group

„Globalise helped us to build a new employer brand.“


The challenge

To establish a new global direction for SGL Group’s HR department, taking into account the complex requirements of the international requirements, in order to acquire the best talent for the carbon specialist. The task was to realize a new employer brand image for global recruiting activities, as well as to optimize costs and processes.


The result

Globalise was able to optimize the entire recruiting process within the employer branding project as well as to introduce a comprehensive e-recruiting system. The high degree of automation made it possible to achieve significant cost reductions. At the same time the employer branding campaign was successfully implemented and a new employer brand established.

Interview with Dietmar Haas Former HR Director Germany, SGL Group

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Dietmar Haas, former HR Director Germany, SGL Group

Until mid-2014, Dietmar Haas was Vice President Human Resources at the SGL Group in Wiesbaden, Germany. After serving twelve years as an officer in the German army he was employed in HR management positions at companies including SIG Combiblock, Clark Material Handling Europe and Groupe Novasep in France.


„We did not have suitable internal resources to assume such a project. Globalise was the best contact partner in this case.“

Why did you turn to Globalise?
From my point of view this was very typical of a project that can be better realized with external experts than with internal resources. This is due to the high complexity of the task, which was both regional and international.

What were his main tasks?
The first objective was to create a fresh situation analysis: What objectives does the SGL Group pursue? What is our communication strategy and where do we stand with regard to employer branding and e-recruiting? On the basis of this analysis there was an overall concept, which was passed by the HR directors of each subsidiary as well as by the board of directors. After this concept was passed, various project teams were created, all headed the Globalise manager.


„After I had made contact with Globalise and described the desired requirements profile, it was only a short time before a suitable Globalise manager was on board with us.“

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„It is difficult to establish a new employer brand in such a competitive and innovative environment. Globalise was always up to the challenge.“

How significant is the subject of employer branding for the SGL group?
As an internationally oriented company, we stand for growth, a global presence and leadership in technology. Acquiring specialists from the international market is therefore very important. We were very quick to recognize employer branding as a strategic issue and established an independent employer brand. We saw the introduction of e-recruitment as the perfect time to analyze our existing employer image and to relaunch the existing employer branding campaign.

What goals are you targeting with the introduction of e-recruiting?
The focus is essentially process transparency and efficiency – and therefore cost savings for the entire recruitment process, supported by suitable technology. The e-recruitment task was therefore as follows: to unite and simplify previously fragmented processes in a continuous process for recruitment, including the integration of advertising for job vacancies in all media, as well as application management and applicant management.


„We managed to achieve not only a high degree of automation and the respective cost reductions, but also to increase process quality.“

What were the particular challenges of the project?
The size and complexity of the project. The external experts had to have a wide range of skills and the ability to apply themselves to a diverse scope of areas: IT processes, HR processes, IT tools, communication, marketing, branding, agency business, an overview of the international locations, etc.

What is your overall assessment of globalise achievements?
The Globalise manager made a significant contribution to keeping this project on course as well as to its successful implementation. He managed all internal and external parties well. Both his experience in cooperation with project management service providers and his energy were very useful to us.