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Commercial turnaround and culture transformation for the Italian subsidiary of a multinational company in the consumer goods

The situation

Globalise Italy’s client is a multinational company in the consumer goods selling worldwide products for children in facilities located in more than twenty countries with annual sales around 2 billion euros.

Because of a recent but constant decrease of sales in the Italian market (from 60mil. € to 50mil. € over 2 years) the headquarter decided to start a reorganization of the Italian subsidiary with an eye also on the European market in general.

The goal was to make a business review (analysis of the organization in terms of strategic, commercial, economic-financial structure), to understand both the Italian and European markets’ new trends and then implement the most appropriate corporate strategy to fit with the needs of each specific market.


The challenge

Globalise Italy was asked to select a Chief Restructuring Officer/MD with international sales experience to replace the current Managing Director to:

  • restore the company and redefine top management roles
  • assess the organization to implement new efficient business processes
  • re-think the commercial strategy for the relaunch of the company even through new sales channels
  • settle a management control and a new reporting system
  • define a more effective internal and external communication
  • give a new corporate setting to the company

The results

Many key goals have been achieved over 1 year mission at organizational, commercial, logistics, information technology, marketing level. People motivation and effectiveness improved in a very short time.

First of all, a new strategic commercial plan has been approved, the sales network has been revised, new sales channels have been opened without forgetting the digital one, established the Marketing office and new marketing activities have been effectively been shaped.

The company transformation is almost completed with great customer satisfaction and with a concrete possibility to implement this new business model in other countries.

Once again, competences made the difference.