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Reorganization of plastics maker Promens

Maik Altendorf,
Vice President of Promens Europe

„In just two weeks, Globalise developed scenarios for what our future organization could look like. That speed was impressive.“

Maik Altendorf,
Vice President of Promens Europe

The challenge

Promens needed a managing director for its Polish subsidiary at short notice. A change strategy had to be compiled to improve the organizational structure and the company’s profitability.


The result

With an excellent change strategy, the Globalise manager introduced improvements and rules that made a profitable organization possible for the future. The restructuring took place in stages, in close and harmonious communication between the Polish plant and the German parent. He also cleared up conflicts with customer situations.

Interview with Maik Altendorf Vice President on of Promens Europe


„The speed with which Globalise worked really surprised me. Less than three weeks passed between my inquiry and the manager starting work in Poland.“

Why did you call on the services of an interim manager?
We were looking for a temporary solution to bridge the period between the old managing director leaving and the new one starting work. We didn’t consider the company to be mature enough to be able to go without lead management for that time.

What were the main tasks that the Globalise manager had to deal with?
The focus was on managing the staff and, of course, improving the processes. We were looking for a real hands-on manager who would do his rounds of the factory floor and could discuss technical details with the workers on their own level. The result was to be a proposal for the future organization of the factory.

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„The Globalise manager identified problems, sought solutions and implemented them in such a way that conflicts did not escalate.“

What was the special accomplishment of the Globalise manager?
In just two weeks, he compiled and presented various scenarios for how the future organization could look. He quickly pointed out certain internal issues to us that we hadn’t been aware of in the German parent company. They weren’t all easy truths to digest, yet he managed to involve and motivate the employees and integrate them into the change and improvement processes.

That was a major, measurable success in such a short time…
Absolutely, thanks to his experience and communication skills – in all directions! As the Globalise manager was born in Poland, he was quickly able to overcome barriers and communication hurdles, even those with international customers.