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Successful post merge integration project in the IT Services

The situation

Company in the IT Services sector resulting from the merge of 15 companies with a turnover of about 100 mil. €.

Globalise Italy faced the challenge to consolidate an international multi locations company with the clear need to build a new culture within the organization and to open new business opportunities.


The challenge

A globalise Integration Manager worked with the new CEO to develop the integration strategy, to list the priorities (and the related operating needs) and to set the responsibilities of the different work streams, in order to follow a clear roadmap able to achieve a successful transformation plan.

The immediate focus was the alignment of the financial objectives with the updated business model and its related operating model (commercial organization, procurement review, new contracts strategy, etc.) of all the companies involved in the integration plan.

Key success factors were the rationalization of the supply chain and on the harmonization and migration of their IT systems, with the highest attention to the complexities associated with personnel management and their different cultural issues.


The results

An Executive with a really significant transformation background in technical context with a wide range of competencies in different areas (such as IT, Finance, Operations, Sales, Marketing) succeeded to create synergies and maximize the value created by the M&A transaction.

A leader able not to underestimate the complexity that the leadership and project management demand during the integration has led to the successful closing of the mission over a year.

Once more competences made the difference.