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IT change management at industrial service provider InfraServ Gendorf

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Robert A. Heiß
Managing Director, InfraServ Gendorf

„Globalise further developed the business model of our IT Services division, thus ensuring professional and process-oriented work processes.“


The challenge

The IT Services division of InfraServ Gendorf needed better work processes and structures. The previous head of IT had not been able to convince employees of the need for change and left an insecure staff behind him when he left. The division had to be set up so that it could be successful in the future while understanding and trust needed to be built up within the team.


The result

Globalise enabled the further structural and strategic development of the IT Services division without protracted process interruptions, and all of the approximately 80 staff members felt involved. Furthermore, he audited the company’s readiness for the future and assisted in the process of recruiting ing a permanent successor.

Interview with Interview with Robert A. Heiß Managing Director, InfraServ Gendorf

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Robert A. Heiß, Managing Director, InfraServ Gendorf

Robert A. Heiß has been Managing Director of InfraServ Gendorf since 2009. He gained experience as CFO at Zeppelin in the plant construction business field, at plastics processor rose plastic AG and at EUPEC PipeCoatings, a globally active supplier to the oil and gas industry.


„The Globalise manager became a highly appreciated strategic sparring partner for us.“

Why did you call on Globalise?
Because the IT Services division is so important in our service portfolio, we couldn’t afford to leave the position unmanned during the recruiting process. We also wanted to keep pushing forward initiatives and projects that had already been started.

Which criteria were particularly important to you?
Specialist expertise was without doubt the most important skill. With the Globalise manager, we were fortunate in gaining someone who could guarantee a seamless transition and further develop the business model of our division. But his personality was also going to be very important because the position involves a lot of contact with internal and external customers.


„At InfraServ Gendorf, we are proud of our open and appreciative corporate culture. The Globalise manager won us over with his people skills and empathetic approach.“

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„Industry parks are primarily about managed services, not classic IT projects. The Globalise manager summed this up very well by saying: The job is more farming than hunting.“

What special challenges awaited Globalise?
The employees in IT Services were unsettled by the way the former head sometimes went about things and were skeptical about Globalise. So the manager first had to gain their trust, which he did in numerous personal meetings. The second challenge lay in the specific customer structure of IT Services. Here he needed to balance all the different demands and interests of ISG itself and of all external customers, plus raise employee awareness s accordingly.

How did you proceed in recruiting a permanent successor?
After refining the job description, we are now in a better position to be able to say who InfraServ Gendorf actually needs at head of IT and what specialist skills and qualifications our company needs.


„The Globalise manager managed to counteract the insecurity of the staff with an integrative, dialog-based and diplomatic approach.“

What is your overall assessment of Globalise?
Very positive. The best proof of his quality is the fact that we have now employed the Globalise manager as the head of our newly formed Corporate Development division on a permanent contract. We are very happy that he said yes. We have now also hired a second Globalise manager who is in charge of our engineering division.