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Process optimization at automotive supplier FTE automation

Walter Beck,
Factory Manager FTE automotive

„In just a few months, Globalise enabled us to achieve the turnaround and the profit center result changed from red to black.“

Walter Beck,
Factory Manager FTE automotive

The challenge

At the main factory of FTE Automotive, processes needed to be professionalized in production and organization, and state-of-the-art manufacturing methods introduced. As part of this innovation project, the rapid implementation of new technologies and new methods of visual process management had to be synergistically implemented.


The result

Product quality standards were maintained at all times.

Interview with Walter Beck Factory Manager FTE automotive


„Our goal is to work with the latest production methods and to ensure a high degree of product innovation and quality for our customers.“

What does FTE automotive stand for as a company?
The company has many years of experience in the production of brake and clutch hydraulics. FTE automotive products are in demand worldwide and our OEM customers see us as a strong partner for their innovation projects. Behind our quality and innovative products lies a highly qualified, creative and motivated team.

What was the situation when you called in Globalise?
As a traditional company, FTE Automotive is also distinguished by the fact that the majority of our employees have been with us for a long time. This tradition ensures experience and stability. Nevertheless, it is important – through external support as well – to regularly review the company’s internal processes and, where appropriate, to make them more effective. That’s why we deliberately opted for an external production expert and innovation manager to support and optimize these processes.

  • Increased efficiency
  • Reduction of product throughput times
  • Reduction of WIP by 25%

„On the new, high-tech processing machines, we have increased OEE to over 80 percent.“

What requirements did you place on the interim manager?
The base requirement was for a senior manager with strong implementation and communication skills and a hands-on mentality. An engineer with a focus on manufacturing or production engineering and extensive experience in the areas that affect our production.

What tasks awaited the Globalise Manager?
The main task was to structure and optimize manufacturing processes at our company headquarters. This involved around 300 employees and a turnover of € 50 million. It was necessary to ensure that the entire team was trained in new methods of visual process management while continuing production and fulfilling FTE quality requirements.

What characterized the cooperation between the interim manager and the on-site staff?
The interim manager very quickly won the acceptance of factory staff through his knowledge and team spirit. He recognized the weaknesses in production and optimized them through his active support and personal example. As a result of his regular attendance at the weekly master craftsmen meeting or on-site process visualizations, the optimizations introduced were quickly assimilated into the production chain.

Which concrete successes were achieved through the project?
In just a few months, through the efforts of the Globalise manager and the newly implemented production technologies, we succeeded in significantly improving profit center earnings.