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Restructuring of liquid gas supplier Calor Gas Ireland

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Michael Kossack
former CEO of Calor Gas Ireland

„Globalise optimized our business processes with extreme intercultural and specialist expertise.“


The challenge

The management of Calor Gas Ireland recognized that the company would only be able to maintain its market leadership with a restructuring toward “customer service excellence”. The company and business processes had to optimized to best meet customer demands. Processes needed to be digitlized and mapped in a new CRM system that was to be launched.


The result

Globalise made a complete success of the process optimization. Involving the entire staff into the project work, Globalise created a great readiness for change within the company and significantly improved customer communication and service.

Interview with Michael Kossack Former CEO of Calor Gas Ireland

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Michael Kossack, former CEO of Calor Gas Ireland

Michael Kossack was CEO of Calor from February 2010 until May 2013. Since May 2012, he has also been on the Management Board of parent company SHV Energy. Previous positions included Sales and Marketing Director at Primagas and Brand Manager at CSR Ltd, Sydney.


„Intercultural skills were an important fundamental prerequisite for the successful realization of this project.“

Why did you call Globalise?
For one thing, we didn’t have an acknowledged expert at Calor and nobody else from within the organization could have coped with the project alongside their other responsibilities. Secondly, an unbiased view of the situation at the company is always good when it comes to change processes.

Globalise used the Six Sigma method DMAIC. Which of the Define – Measure – Analyze – Improve – Control steps proved to be the most difficult?
The analysis was a big issue. The sheer volume of data that had to be collected for it was enormous. Then it turned out that this data was of greatly varying quality and not always comparable. Similar data was often stored using different methods and in different systems. The Globalise manager literally had to rummage through the entire company to be able to gain an understanding of the processes and their weaknesses.


„The Globalise manager knew that competition would increase through new competitors and pressure on prices. That is why he went about improving the processes.“

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„At the Globalise manager’s instigation, we continuously published the goals, progress and results of all process improvements on our intranet. That way, the entire staff knew what was going on.“

Were the employees willing to change?
Yes and no. But that was understandable, to a degree. After all, Calor was doing fine: it was financially healthy and the market leader. The employees feared that “process optimization” in the midst of an extreme economic crisis would only mean job cuts.

How did he succeed in motivating the staff despite this?
Through persuasion and building up trust. They knew that the processes at Calor weren’t perfect and that was something the Globalise Manager could work with. With his communicative and social skills, he gained their confidence and we included as many staff members as possible in the project work. This made the optimization of the processes a communal project. We placed priority on processes that offered quick wins and that helped show what value the optimization had.