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International Survey 2022

Supply Chain Bottleneck

Supply problems and parts shortages threaten development of companies.

Ongoing supply chain bottlenecks are having an increasingly negative impact on global industry. And the problems are likely to continue for a long time.

The automotive sector, the energy sector, and steel and metal manufacturers in particular are suffering from the consequences of the acute supply problems, which market experts believe have long had an inhibiting effect on the development of globally operating companies.


„The demands on companies are becoming increasingly complex and multi-layered. And the situation on the markets is developing even more dynamically and threateningly than already feared.“

In particular, China’s strict zero-covid strategy and the Russia-Ukraine war are affecting the business of the groups.

Companies are now urgently required to relocate production facilities to their own country, increase the number of their suppliers and raise the level of innovation.

This is according to the globalise study, which surveyed exactly 600 top global executives – including managing directors, board members, supervisory board members and interim managers from a wide range of industries and countries – between June and July 2022.