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How Recruitment 4.0 is evolving towards “creative engagement”.

Recruitainment instead of job ads: If you want to win the war for talents, you need to fundamentally rethink your recruiting

The classic job advertisement, however well designed both visually and in terms of content, is no longer sufficient today. We now find ourselves in an applicant market in which companies need to make much greater efforts to attract the best people. In the future, creativity, innovation and agility will not only be needed in internal business processes, but also to achieve differentiation as an attractive employer within the corporate landscape. What might a solution in the digitized world look like? “Recrutainment” – recruiting and entertainment – could be one answer. Here, social media platforms are combined with a company’s own website to create a dialogue with potential candidates as team members, both on- and offline.

New ways of finding the best candidates.

In this world, modern companies offer future applicants insights into their working environment. Through professional video sequences, they showcase the various opportunities for exciting cooperation. Classic paper résumés are conveniently replaced by video applications via the smartphone. Here it is less a question of a comprehensive résumé, but rather of how a candidate behaves from the very first contact. What is his/her motivation for expressing interest in this company? Why for a specific task? How convincing is the candidate in his/her communication and appearance? Spontaneity and impact in the first contact say more than a photo and résumé. Today, these things are already stored as profiles on professional networks. Instead, the overall picture of the company should dovetail with that of an interested applicant. Very good candidates do not just want to fit into a position linearly, but also to identify with the corporate culture, their team and the future task. This is where the company’s creativity is called upon.

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More time for customer-focused HR work.

Recruitment 4.0 is evolving in the direction of “creative engagement”. Artificial intelligence is optimizing and automating HR processes so that chatbots can answer candidates’ standard HR questions. Conversely, chatbots can direct specific questions to candidates so as to automatically pre-select those who are actually interested. This gives HR managers more time for customer-focused HR work. In this way, relationships, experiences and impressions can be built up more consistently with the candidates. The contact to potential candidates, who are still sometimes understood today as ‘supplicants’, changes to a customer perception and identifying their needs in a new dynamic of responsibility.

People are still clearly superior to AI when it comes to feelings and empathy.

Especially in a world characterized by volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity (VUCA), cooperation in structures without hierarchies and with more complex, insecure working environments is becoming increasingly important. To achieve this, the personal fit needs to be in good balance with professional competence and critically questioned as part of the application process. When it comes to emotionality, feelings and empathy, people are clearly superior to artificial intelligence. With the new focus, interviewers are not simply verbally guided by applicants through their professional stations; instead, they can check, for example, how a candidate has independently solved a difficult situation or which general conditions are of particular importance to him/her personally in a new task.

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Harald Smolak, Director and HR Director at globalise company Atreus

Harald focuses on the fields of mindful leadership, coaching top management executives, conflict management, organisational and team development and enterprise transformations. In his work he advises and assists clients from the IT, telecommunication, services, electronics, medical technology and insurance industries. He has more than 25 years of experience in general management, marketing & sales, human resources and consulting. Before hiring on at Atreus, he held several executive positions in leading telecommunications companies, including Senior Vice President Sales Americas at Siemens AG and Head of Human Resources Marketing & Sales at Nokia.