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Interim Project Manager increased the production quality and employee competence


„The interim worked hands-on from day one and acted as my right hand when I was not in the factory myself. This is exactly what we needed, someone who did not only set the strategy but also lead by example and helped the staff to immediately implement the solutions. He was like one of the team, and together we took things forward.“

The situation

The Finnish food company had revolutionized healthy cooking as they launched bean products a raw material for all types of cooking.


The challenge

The company wanted to create a world-class production facility with the highest possible quality and standardized processes. After starting up the production, issues related to safety and product quality were identified.


The solution

An interim Project Manager with experience in implementing LEAN production processes was engaged. By bringing the data management mindset to the organization and thoroughly looking over the overall production process he found the root causes of the various challenges and the right measures could be taken.


The result

The company reached its goals in time and with great results. By accelerating the learning curve of the staff, they also created a competitive advantage.

Quote by the interim

„As I looked at the business with fresh eyes, I saw great untapped potential. Alongside my assignment, I sharpened the business strategy from several perspectives. Thanks to this, the company is now on a growth path and the employees are excited about the new opportunities.“

Quote by the interim