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Growth plan via acquisitions and digitization

the interim manager

„When a financial system is to work well with the technical aspects of the company, it is important to be able to talk to and understand programmers while having an overview of the market and composition of data, reporting and what type of in-depth code data to gather.“

the interim manager

The situation

The client Presto is a leader in the field of fire safety in the Nordic region. They serve all types of customers in the private and public sector, industry, marine and offshore. The Presto Group traded for approx. 1.1 billion in 2021 and counts approx. 650 employees. Presto Brannteknikk AS had a turnover of 110 million in 2021 and counts approx. 50 employees. In 2021, the company felt the need to prepare for a digital transformation. 


The challenge

The ERP system was to be replaced. The subsidiaries were also to be merged under one umbrella. Goals for growth both organically and through acquisitions and digitization were set.


The solution

Hire an interim CFO to take over the main financial tasks and coordinate reporting from the three merged companies. The interim manager also became the new project manager for the ERP project, which had already started.  


The results

The interim CFO freed up a lot of time for the general manager who could stay focused on further acquisitions and growth. Presto has made three strategic acquisitions of companies and is well underway with the implementation of a new ERP system.