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Operations management

Management of a plant in germany

Thanks to the support of globalise France a plant in Germany was transformed successfully and the site’s operational activity was secured by maintaining the quality of customer service.

Globalise managed a plant in Germany, including implementing planned technological and organisational changes, on behalf of its Client, a CAC 40 industrial group. The globalise Manager’s outside perspective and technical skills ensured the success of the project to transform the plant. The site’s operational activity was secured by maintaining the quality of customer service, while the plant was ready to receive a production transfer from within the Group.


The challenge

  • To be responsible for the launch and operational management of all projects
  • To improve the plant’s industrial performance
  • To prepare for the transfer of production from another Group plant
  • To re-motivate staff, troubled by the scale of the change and the significant recent overhaul of the Management team

A Listed group in agri-food sector, with plant based in Germany.

  • 230 people, complex processes, 750 product references, 100 client CBUs
  • Increase in production capacity, up 60% in two years
  • Six major projects to be carried out simultaneously

As part of the Group’s industrial restructuring, it was decided to significantly increase the plant’s production capacity and introduce new production and packaging technologies. The schedule for implementing these projects coincided with a planned period of absence of the plant director.


The success

The four priority projects were initiated as soon as the assignment began:

  • Improvement in the main line’s productivity (69% to 77% over the period covered by the assignment)
  • Transfer of production between the two Group plants
  • Adaptation of the structure of the Supply Chain department, as well as the various processes for managing flows, to the site’s new logistics challenges
  • Establishment of Lean Management

The dynamic was maintained through the sequencing of projects without undermining day-to-day activity, since the globalise Manager ensured the site remained focused on performance while also making progress with the project.


The results

  • Within four months, teams – whose moral had suffered due to the delay launching projects – showed renewed commitment and were very soon re-motivated by the success of the actions carried out.
  • The production transfer, a delicate subject and originally criticised, proved to be very productive and beneficial to everyone.
  • The schedule for implementing the different projects was in line with the Group’s ambitious targets by the time the director returned to the plant.