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Improved financial predictability

Helene B. Francke, Interim Manager

„It’s not difficult to enter a company and turn everything upside down – but what good does that do if everything unravels as soon as you walk out the door? The goal should be predictability and long-term.“

Helene B. Francke, Interim Manager

The situation

Nutrimar is a producer of sustainable feed ingredients, producing fresh salmon oil, salmon flour and hydrolyzed protein concentrate, among other things. In addition, the company operates in the field of by-products from chicken and activity in the field of harvesting and processing of Stortare (seaweed). The products are sold as important ingredients to the American and European animal feed markets (PetFood), European producers of fish feed and global agricultural feed players. In early 2021, there was an urgent need to strengthen the management side of the financial department at Nutrimar.


The challenge

The company experienced growing pains and needed someone who could come in with an experienced, systematic and steady hand, and establish professional financial routines – quickly. Particularly predictable reporting, detailed month-end closings and the systems had major shortcomings.


The solution

Nutrimar hired an interim CFO with senior experience, a hands-on approach and availability to commute to the says Frøya-based production site. Her goal was to improve the financial structures, routines, systems and organization with first priority.


The results

After a few months, the finance department and the company gained confidence in the new routines that provided more predictable reporting and improved auditability. A new internal system for finances was mapped and was implemented in 2022. Already one month into the assignment the agreement with the interim manager was extended from 6 months to 12 months due to a great match and results.