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Interim PMO ensured a smooth transfer of the operations in Finland to Sweden and Latvia


„The interim PMO’s contribution exceeded our expectations. He quickly earned the trust of our staff and his leadership enabled us to create a new growth strategy and achieve the project goals.“

The situation

The global company provides digital transformations by integrating world-leading process and energy technologies for their clients.


The challenge

The Finnish subsidiary had not been fully integrated into the international parent company and had not taken full advantage of the opportunities offered. The company needed help to utilize the parent company’s international corporate structures more efficiently.


The solution

An experienced interim PMO was engaged to solve the situation. To reach success, it was important to involve the local management teams as well as the executives in the planning process from the beginning. In addition to the original assignment, the interim PMO also developed the business strategy for the Finnish company.


The results

By moving the product development from Finland to Sweden and Latvia they reached the goal within 12 months.

Quote by the interim

„As I looked at the business with fresh eyes, I saw great untapped potential. Alongside my assignment, I sharpened the business strategy from several perspectives. Thanks to this, the company is now on a growth path and the employees are excited about the new opportunities.“

Quote by the interim