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Professionalization of IT-function at a large insurance company

“My employees had the IT skills, and I had the management experience. With a large portion of humility, sensitivity, and close collaboration, we reached a very good result – we raised the architectural function to a higher level. There is no doubt that IT operations generally have great similarities, even though the companies and industries seem to be very different. These are the same basic principles for how the business is conducted, and the goals are largely the same even if applications and solutions are different. If you have worked with efficiency, digitization, and transformation for a long time and in different environments, you quickly see where there are obvious shortcomings and opportunities for improvement.”

The situation

The insurance company is one of the largest in Sweden and has about 4000 employees.


The challenge:

The role of CIO had recently become vacant, and a new CIO was urgently needed to ensure that the IT operations continued to be managed professionally and to integrate the function into a natural and business-close part of Folksam’s culture.


The solution:

An interim CIO with experience from large and complex international IT operations in some of Sweden’s largest companies was appointed. By analysing the culture of the 600 people IT organization, understanding how the business viewed IT and the expectations, the team set a strategy for the right way forward.


The results:

After a year, the IT function was successfully integrated into the organization and the culture and new ways of working closer to the business were implemented. The IT function was raised to a higher level with the right competencies and structures.