Developing the business and opening up new markets in Sweden

The challenge

A service company in Finland with a new business idea was growing fast. For this reason, they wanted to map the Swedish market ahead of a potentially launching a new operation in Sweden. They considered using a classic management consulting solution but decided that hands-on experience was more important. They also wanted someone who was preferably located in Sweden to conduct a proper survey and assessment of the Swedish market.

The success

Globalise identified an interim manager who had the necessary expertise and perspective to act as a sounding board during the development stage and an expert advisor on how to develop a business and build a brand. Part of the brief was also to be ready to take on responsibility for implementation, should the survey justify the proposed business expansion model.

The results

Both planning and implementation were completed on schedule and the new business in Sweden was successfully launched. The client eventually decided to permanently hire the Globalise manager, who took on the role of country manager responsible for building a nationwide organization and developing the business. By using an interim manager, the client was able to successfully survey a potential new market without needing to make major up-front investments in either facilities or people.

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